Friday, November 23, 2012

What our past students say.

Dear Andrea,

Moises Fure Gil
International School year 2012

"I'm still thinking about my experience in NZ... now, I'm talking in English with a lot of people...I'm able to understand them and comunicate with them! Ok, I know that I'm not a native English speaker, of course...but if you look six months ago...well,  is a big step forward!
To tell you the truth, I had the time of my trip wasn't just to learn English...I'm in a crossroad in my life and NZ was fresh air in my face. I enjoyed everyday in LSI...every morning I walked to the bus station plenty of energy and smiling.

Then, I'm grateful and I only want to say that I have good memories about all of you:

...and more and more that I knew for a while...for all of you, my best wishes. I'm pretty sure we can meet in the future."

With love and respect

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