Monday, September 24, 2012

New Programme - English for University

LSI Auckland is now offering a 12-week English for University Course which is designed to provide the required academic skills for successful studies at any international university. It is a full-time Intensive 30 Course and will take you from Upper Intermediate to Advanced level.

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Through the Core text and supplementary, supporting materials, the aims of this course are:
  • to enable you to become familiar with, and practise applying, English-medium academic conventions
  • to teach you to consider texts, discourses and issues in a critical light
  • to provide listening and speaking skills particularly suitable to academic environments
  • to enhance your abilities to be an independent learner and to utilize the World Wide Web for your benefit
  • to facilitate a process for you so that you recognize and appreciate cultural viewpoints that may be different from your own
  • to ease the transition from studying in your own language to studying in English

Prepare for university



June 25 - September 14
September/October start date to be advised - please contact us if you are interested.


January 7 - March 29
April 1 - June 21
June 24 - September 13
September 16 - December 6

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