Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Best friends made at LSI Auckland

In Venice: Marco (Italy), Claudinei (Brazil), Luca (Switzerland), Paulo (Brazil)

Hi, my name is Claudinei and I studied at LSI Auckland in 2007 and I just would like to tell about a really strong friendship I built with 2 other guys there.

When I started my course I came with another Brazilian friend and we made 2 best “world” friends, Luca (Switzerland) and Marco (Italy) and from that moment onwards we have met up each year in a somewhere in the world. We don´t just keep in touch online, we see each other every year!

"Spiders" in Rio De Janeiro

Auckland where is everything began in 2007, followed by:

2008: Brazil

2009: Brazil

2010: Venice, Italy

2011: New York, USA

2012: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil (for the wedding of another friend from LSI Auckland)

2013: Somewhere in Asia ??

At Michel´s wedding in Rio

Only Asia and Africa are missing in order to complete our trip around the world… and EVERYTHING started at LSI Auckland.

Well, we all are very happy that, through LSI, we built our friendships and we would like to thank LSI for everything you did for us.

We really miss our great times in NZ... someday we will come back to Auckland where all it began!

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  1. hahah that's awsome!!! u guys are great!
    xoxo New Caledonia


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