Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What students say...

Mesfer will miss LSI and Auckland a lot!
Mesfer Hussain A.Alghandi
From: Saudi Arabia
Course: Standard 20

"The first week I came here I couldn´t speak English. I have studied in Brighton and Saudi Arabia and I have found LSI to be the best school for my English. I can now understand, speak and read English.

I have been to other countries and I have found New Zealand to be the best out of all of them. The Coromandel, Rotorua, Bay of Islands are all amazing places to go to.

I had never seen rugby before but now I know what it is and how it works. I went to watch the Auckland Blues at Eden Park a couple of times and had a great time.

I don´t have any brothers or sisters at home but now I have 2 brothers and 1 sister here in NZ in my homestay family. Sometimes we travelled outside of Auckland and they showed me some beautiful places. I hope to come back to NZ soon to see my family again.

Thank you to all my teachers here at LSI, my friends and all of the kiwis, and a big thank you to LSI for everything!"

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