Monday, September 5, 2011

Welcome back after 15 years!

Petra and Gerd studied English at LSI Auckland in 1995

They studied English with us 15 years ago so it was a great surprise to see Petra and Gerd visit us during their recent holiday to NZ. Petra and Gerd, pictured above with Principal Andrea Pala, reminisced about their time here at LSI Auckland back in 1995 when they studied an Intensive 30 general course during mornings and spent their afternoons getting to know the city and around Auckland.  They were happy to catch up with Andrea after such a long time and talked about how they even met up with their old homestay family at the same house on the North Shore

Since their course they have been living in Nierstein, Germany, where they own a vineyard and a boutique wine bar (with their own wine on the menu!).  Good luck Petra and Gerd and we look forward to seeing you next time!

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